Health Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

Health Benefits of Using a Rowing Machine

Rowing has been a popular sport long before it was added to the list of eligible sports for the Olympics in 1896. This also makes it one of the oldest sports in the Olympic Games. 

One of the reasons why the sport has been becoming popular recently is because of the extensive research done on its added health benefits. If you are someone who just cannot keep sweating on that treadmill, then this is exactly what you need. Keep reading to understand what other health benefits this exercise offers.


Rowing is proven to help maintain a balanced and healthy fat-muscle proportion in the body. If your Body Mass Index (BMI) suggests a high fat to muscle ratio, then rowing might be the ideal way to burn off that extra fat.

Helps Improve the Cardio-Respiratory System

Daily rowing improves your lung’s oxygen-providing ability. and helps oxygenate your body and heart more. Increasing oxygen in the body and heart is one of the reasons why rowing can also decrease the risk of heart diseases.

Promotes Weight Loss

Routine rowers end up burning about twice the amount of calories than treadmill runners running the same distance. However, rowing is a low intensity workout, which means it doesn’t produce the same exhaustion and muscle wear and tear as running. It’s pretty much a win-win situation for the rowers here.

Improves Heart Health

As discussed earlier, rowing greatly affects the heart health of rowers. It does not just increase the oxygen flow in the blood, but also strengthens cardiovascular muscles.

Builds muscle strength

The primary muscles used during this exercise are the quadriceps. These are the big muscles in front of the thighs and are especially essential for knee extension. They also serve as hip flexors, thus allowing powerful leg movements. Since this exercise strengthens the quadriceps, other daily activities and exercises like walking, jogging, lunges, and squats also become easier to carry out.

Stress Reduction

The consistent and rhythmic activity stimulated by this exercise have an unparalleled impact on stress reduction. Rowing actually increases the body’s endorphin production. It is these feel-good chemicals that help fight off fatigue, improve critical thinking skills, and curb the debilitating stressful feelings in the long run.

Improves muscle and joint mobility

This exercise has been proven to stimulate various muscles and joints without straining them. That makes rowing an ideal exercise for those suffering from arthritis or osteoporosis. Rowing helps to minimize stiffness and enhances muscle flexibility. Therefore, this is the perfect exercise for those with a sedentary lifestyle or suffering from stiffness and muscle soreness.


After reading these benefits, we are sure you will be rushing to your closest gym to get your hands on the rowing machine.

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