How The 300 Yard Drive Blueprint Can Help You Crush Your Drives 


The majority of golfers that come to Tampa Strength want to hit the ball further. In order to accomplish that, they have to increase their club head speed. The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) states that applying more force over a longer period of time can increase club head speed. Therefore, creating a training program that improves a golfer’s strength, speed, and mobility are crucial to helping them crush their drives. The Tampa Strength trainers had this objective in mind when they created the 300 Yard Drive Blueprint.

The 300 yard blueprint is a 6 week program designed to help golfers hit it long every time they step up to the tee. The workouts contained in this program will improve the fitness components a golfer needs to increase driving distance & lower their handicap. The following videos highlight 3 specific movements from The 300 Yard Drive Blueprint that will help you go long off the tee.

Landmine Step Back Press

Set up facing the landmine attachment with the end of the barbell pointed at your right shoulder. Hold the end of the barbell in your right hand at about chest level with your left on top of the end of the barbell for stability. Dynamically press the barbell overhead with your right hand only while simultaneously stepping back into a reverse lunge with your right foot. Return to the starting position and repeat movement for a total of 5 repetitions on each side. Make sure to stay on the balls of your feet throughout the movement.

This movement enhances rotational power and upper body strength.

Quarter Turn Box Jump

Set up the jump box on the right side of your body (side facing). Perform a rotational box jump by bending your knees, swinging your arms, and landing softly on the box. Step down, do not jump down, and repeat the jump 3 times with the box off the right and left side of your body.

This movement enhances rotational speed, hip mobility, and lower body strength.

90/90 Transitions with Hip Extensions

Sitting on the floor, set up your legs in the 90/90 position. The heel of the lead leg should be next to the knee of the trail leg. Pivoting on the big toe of your back leg, lift the knee as far as you can till the opposite knee comes off the ground, and you transition the 90/90 to the opposite side. Once transitioned, extend/lift your pelvis off the ground using your glutes & hip muscles. Repeat movement for 5-10 reps.

This movement enhances hip mobility and glute strength.

These movements will enhance the strength, speed, and mobility you need to lower your handicap, swing the club faster, and drive the ball further.

If you’re ready to experience the 300 Yard Drive Blueprint, download it on the Tampa Strength App or the Tampa Strength Online Training Portal. Call 813-731-2901 to learn about all the golf fitness training opportunities we have to offer.