The “She is Strong workout” uses a blend of strength and conditioning to give you a killer workout.  The workout starts with some eccentric chin ups.  Most women struggle with regular chin ups but this variation allows them to focus on the most important part of the lift, which is the lowering or eccentric part, allowing them to eventually work their way up to regular chin ups.  Make no mistake about it eccentric chin ups are tough and even if you can do regular chin ups using this version once in a while would be of tremendous benefit.  The 3 way lunge allows you to train the leg musculature in all 3 planes of motion. The human body moves through multiple planes of motion and we train all of our clients in multiple planes of motion.  The explosive sled row is a power exercise that requires strength and speed to execute the movement. This workout uses a finisher which is a backwards lunge to tsunami rope slam.  The battle ropes are a great conditioning tool and when utilized properly can provide a strength benefit as well.  Enjoy the workout and feel free to contact us with any questions.

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