Play Better Golf with these Stick Mobility Movements

Stick Mobility is a training modality our Tampa personal trainers utilize frequently at our facility. The sticks help our clients improve their range of motion, total body strength, posture, stability, and neuromuscular control. We love using it at our South Tampa studio because it can be beneficial to all our clients regardless of fitness level. It is also extremely beneficial to the individuals in our South Tampa golf fitness program.

Several aspects of our golfers’ fitness that we focus on in our South Tampa golf fitness program are joint mobility, flexibility, core control, and leg strength. There are numerous Stick Mobility exercises you can do that can improve these fitness components. The following videos describe four specific Stick Mobility exercises that golfers should to do to improve their game.

Standing Hip CARs

Place a 6 ft stick into the wall parallel to the floor. Holding the stick in front of your chest, shoulder width apart, arms extended. Flex the knee closest to the wall to waist level. Rotate the knee, while flexed, laterally to its end range. Internally rotate the thigh bone until the knee returns to the extended position. Perform 5-10 reps on each hip. Engage core by pressing the stick into the wall during the entire movement.

This movement enhances hip mobility and core control.

Standing Hip Hinge and Hamstring Stretch

Place a 7 ft stick on each shoulder with the bottom of the stick approximately 3 ft in front of each foot. Step one foot back approximately 12-18 inches while locking out the opposite leg and pointing the toe of that leg to the ceiling. Perform a hip hinge by bending the back knee and sliding your hands down the sticks. Continue sliding until you reach the end range for the hamstring of the lead leg. Hold for 5-10 seconds then return to your starting position and repeat.

This movement enhances posterior chain flexibility and hip hinge pattern.

Isometric Deadlift

Place a 6 ft stick at the base of a wall where it meets the floor. Stand at the end of the stick facing the wall. Hold the stick with arms fully extended with one hand stacked in front of the other. Perform a hip hinge pushing hands towards the ground. Once you reach the end range of your hip hinge, press the stick into the wall for 5-10 seconds. Return to your starting position and repeat.

This movement enhances deadlift pattern, core control, and glute strength (TPI calls glutes the “king of the swing”).

Dunphy Squats

Place a 7 ft stick vertically into the ceiling. Hold the stick at belly button height with your hands stacked on top of one another, elbows resting against your body. Perform a squat while continuously pressing the stick into the ceiling. Hold for 2-3 seconds at the bottom of your squat then return to your starting position and repeat.

This movement enhances squat pattern, multi joint mobility, and core control.

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If you’re ready to experience how the Stick Mobility can improve your golf game, stop by our South Tampa personal training studio. Call 813-731-2901 to schedule your complimentary movement assessment and workout.