Expanding Tampa Strength’s TRX programming

TRX Training with Shawn

The TRX suspension trainer is a frequent component of members’ workouts at Tampa Strength. In order to increase their knowledge on this training modality Coach Shawn and Coach Nick recently attended a TRX training course. The information gained from this course has already changed the TRX training at Tampa Strength for the better.

This course provided an introduction to the fundamentals of TRX suspension training. The 6 foundational movements that TRX bases all their suspension trainer exercises on are:

Foundational Movements

The bedrock of the entire system is the plank. Maintaining a neutral spine & level pelvis while holding full body tension is the key to optimizing your TRX training.

The course also went into detail about proper equipment setup, body position and instructing users on how to execute an exercise correctly. The acronym developed to properly instruct users is NAPS-MR which stands for:

Cueing Convention

  • Name of exercise
  • Adjustment of straps
  • Position of user relative to anchor point
  • Starting body position/alignment
  • Movement cue from starting position to midpoint
  • Return cue from midpoint to end/start position

The beauty of this type of training is that anyone can complete a workout using TRX equipment. It’s also super user-friendly. The user can modify resistance by simply changing their position relative to the anchor point. They can also complete exercise progressions or regressions by adjusting their starting position and/or alignment.

Coach Shawn & Coach Nick are excited to share the massive amount of information they learned at this training course. Contact the coaches at Tampa Strength to schedule a workout at our location (813) 731-2901. Follow Tampa Strength on social media (YouTube, Instagram and Facebook) for more helpful fitness content like the workout video below.

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