The Best Core Exercises You’ve Never Heard of

Several potential benefits of core training according to Men’s Fitness include: improved sports performance, reduction in lower-back pain, better posture, development of stronger breathing muscles and a slimmer waistline. Unfortunately, many individuals still believe crunches and sit-ups are the best core exercises.

Sit-ups can be beneficial but they can also put a lot of stress on the lower back. One type of core exercise that don’t involve flexing or extending the spine are anti-rotation exercises. Anti-rotation exercises build core strength and stability by resisting the body’s inclination to rotate in a direction that it can’t move safely. Below are several examples of anti-rotation exercises.

Push Up to Plank

Set up in the push-up position: wrists under your shoulders and feet hip width apart. Lower yourself to an elbow plank. Push yourself back up into a push-up position. Alternate which arm you use to lower and elevate yourself. PRO TIPS: squeeze glutes, pull belly button towards chin, minimize hip rotation.

Alphabet Press

Using a cable machine or band, setup perpendicular to the attachment point. While holding the handle extend your hands away from your torso. Keeping your arms extended draw the alphabet with your hands. PRO TIPS: brace your abs, tuck pelvis, minimize hip rotation.

Dead Bug

Laying on your back, extend arms to the ceiling, raise knees till they’re directly over your hips, and calves are parallel to the floor. Slowly lower both arms and left leg until they’re just above the floor. Bring them back to starting position and repeat extending the right leg. PRO TIPS: pull belly button towards chin, keep head on the ground.

Sandbag Pull Thru

Setup in the push-up position with a sandbag position underneath your chest. Grabbing the outside handle with your right hand, SLOWLY drag the bag to the right side. Repeat the movement using the left hand and pulling the bag to the left side of your body. This movement can also be completed on your knees. PRO TIPS: pull belly button towards your spine, minimize hip rotation.

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