TRX Exercises that will Lower your Golf Handicap

The TRX suspension trainer is a piece of exericse equipment we utilize frequently at Tampa Strength. The TRX susupension trainer uses body weight and gravity as resistance to build strength, balance, flexibility and core control. We love it because it can be beneficial to all our clients regardless of fitness level. It is also extremely beneficial to the individuals in our golf fitness program

Several aspects of a golfers fitness that we focus on in our golf fitness program are joint mobility, leg strength, rotational power and core control. There are numerous exercises you can do on the TRX suspension trainer that can improve these fitness components. Coach Nick outlines three specific TRX exercises that golfers should to do to improve their game.

Foward Lunge to Chest Stretch

Setup with your back facing the TRX attachment point (rear facing). Place your hands on the handles and fully extend your arms, shoulder width apart. Your hands should be about chest height and there should be tension on the TRX straps. Perform and forward lunge, open your arms, and allow your chest to push past your shoulders. Step back to your starting position and perform the same movement on the other side.

This movement enhances leg strength, hip & shoulder mobility, and upper body flexibility.

Bottoms Up Squat

Setup facing the TRX attachment point. Place your hands on the handles near your chest and there should be tension on the TRX straps. Push your butt to the floor, allowing the TRX straps to fully extend your arms. Once your arms are fully extended, use the TRX straps to pull yourself to a proper bottom position of a squat. While keeping tension on the straps, lift your arms overhead and stand up. Return to your starting position and repeat.

This movement enhances total body strength, multi-joint mobility, and core control.

Single Arm Rotational Row

Before performing this exercise, you must convert two TRX handles into one (watch 1:40-2:15). Setup facing the TRX attachment point. Grab one handle, place it near your chest and extend the other hand toward the attachment point. Slowly extend the arm holding the handle while simultaneously rotating your body like a cylinder. The arm that was pointed at the attachment point should be pointed at the ground behind you. Perform a single arm row with the arm holding the handle, and rotate your entire body back to the starting position. Maintain tension in your core throughout this movement.

This movement enhances upper body strength, scapular stability, and core control.

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