Why You Should Invest in a Personal Trainer

The Tampa bay area has no shortage of gyms. As someone who used to attend a gym, I
wholeheartedly believe that the South Tampa personal trainer scene has been an investment
that’s paid for itself many times over.

At Tampa Strength, I’ve found a personal training environment that is not only supportive of my
goals, but trainers who help these goals feel realistic and accomplishable. Truthfully, I didn’t
know what I wanted to achieve when I started training with Shawn. I felt unfulfilled with my past
attempts at a workout. They were sporadic, and I was never motivated enough to develop a
routine. When I started training at Tampa Strength, not only was I motivated to find a routine
that fit best with my busy schedule, but I was also able to explore what I wanted to get out of

tampa personal training

Quality over Quantity

Previously, I was throwing myself at machines randomly in a gym and hoping something would
happen. To no one’s surprise, it didn’t. In fact, investing into a personal trainer not only helped
me with my goals, but helped me learn how to exercise. Working out feels like something you
should know how to do naturally, but in reality, there’s so much more behind the scenes. This is
even more important to consider given that I am a high school student with an entire lifetime
ahead of me to potentially make critical exercise mistakes. Even for adults, learning how to
properly exercise for your body and its abilities is the best way to maximize results and use your
time wisely.

At Tampa Strength, I found myself in an educational environment, even if by accident. With a
personal trainer, I’ve learned not only how to exercise efficiently, but also how to exercise
safely. The expertise that a trainer offers allows insight into your own personal workout journey,
but also insight to help avoid aggravation of old injuries and the prevention of new. When I came
to Shawn initially, I was having intense hip pain. This was because as a student, I’m sitting far
too often and for far too long every day, leading to tight hip flexors. Shawn took this in stride,
and we worked together to create an exercise that focused on alleviating my pain and
strengthening my hips to prevent further issues.

No matter what I was or was not able to
accomplish the previous workout, we took each day as a new one, without shame or guilt. This
encouragement kept me going, and I know without a personal trainer like Shawn, I wouldn’t be
where I am today, pain-free and managing it, in my workout journey. I wouldn’t be surprised if I
had stopped exercising altogether as I have done in the past.

tampa personal training

Investment in Yourself

Personal training at Tampa Strength is just that- personal. Shawn’s exercises are unique and
designed for what I want and what is best for my body and abilities. Boredom is hard to find
while working out here. With a personal trainer, there’s no staring blankly as you try to decide
which machine to use, and there’s no pressure to come up with an exercise yourself. Compared
to when I was at an open gym with no guidance, I’ve found myself enjoying exercise with a
personal trainer. There’s something powerful about that human connection and tailored
experience Tampa Strength offers that makes this workout so much more fulfilling than anything
I’ve tried before.

A workout at Tampa Strength isn’t a cost, but instead an investment into my mental and
physical health. Personal training adds the needed efficiency and expertise that my previous
exercise routines desperately lacked. With Tampa Strength semi-personal training, I’ve received
so much more than a workout.

tampa personal training

If you’re ready to experience the best personal training South Tampa has to offer, stop by Tampa Strength. Call 813-731-2901 to schedule your complimentary movement assessment and workout.