Core Basketball Workout

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Basketball Core Workout
Plank Opposite Arm, Opposite Leg
T-Hold w/ Leg Raise
Stir the Pots
Defensive Stance Twists

This circuit is specifically designed for core strength for basketball. The first exercise is a plank hold raising one leg while raising the opposite arm, this really challenges your core strength and balance. Make sure to keep your shoulders and hips in line while maintaining a neutral spine. Keep your abs tight and glutes, legs extended straight, and shoulders screwed in. The next exercise is a T-hold with leg raises. Go into a side plank on your hand. Raise your opposite arm and hold it up so that your body is in the shape of a “T”. While keeping your shoulders, hips, knees, and ankles in line, raise your leg on the side of your body that is off the ground. Make sure to raise your leg in a controlled fashion as high as you can, while keeping your leg as straight as you can. Similarly to the first exercise, keep your abs tight, glutes tight, legs extended tight, and shoulders drawn back. Next in this circuit is an exercise called “stir the pot”. Go into a plank position from your elbows on a stability ball. Make clockwise circles for the desired number of reps or time and then make counterclockwise circles after. Remember to keep everything tight similarly to the plank. Last in this group of exercises is a modification of a transverse cable pull. Go into a defensive stance position making sure to stay low with a strong base. Make sure to spiral your legs into the floor and try to ground yourself best you can. Grab the cable so that it is parallel with your shoulders and hips. Keep your arms straight and rotate your shoulders while keeping your hips square. Make sure to keep your core tight by drawing in your belly button while you rotate your shoulders. Enjoy the workout and let us know how it goes.

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