Diet Pills: Miracle or Misnomer?

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As a society, we seem to be at a crossroads. We have access to the biggest and best variety of food choices, yet sections of our population are struggling with obesity and poor nutritional choices.


Technology and science tells us so much about our bodies and how to maintain healthy lifestyles, but more and more people are settling into a sedentary lifestyle.


We have more disposable income for leisure activities, but end up spending most of our time working to make the disposable income in the first place.


Exercise and gym time is no different. Most people would agree that moving your body, breaking a sweat and raising your heart rate are all positives for a healthy lifestyle, yet so many people complain of being too busy to engage in sports or athletic fitness.


The desire to be thin and in shape still exists, though, so many have looked for alternatives or shortcuts in the form of diet pills. But, do these pharmaceutical options really work? Are they safe and how much should they be used?

Diet Pills

Diet Pills: Miracle or Misnomer?

Can Supplements Really Replace Physical Fitness?


Diet pills or weight loss supplements are nothing new. In fact, there is evidence of some medieval cultures eating or ingesting different plants to satisfy hunger, often when food was scarce. But this approach was more of a wedge to stave off starvation as opposed to using a drug to reduce extra pounds.


Modern medicine and pharmaceutical science are still on the hunt for a product which can provide effective weight loss solutions.  But it comes with much trial and error.


The various incarnations of the magic pill always seem to be plagued by some degree of negative side effects that ultimately outweigh the positive effects.


Consider the claims they make:


– Rapid Weight Loss*

– No dietary changes*

– Surprisingly low cost*

– Guaranteed results*

– A scientific breakthrough in weight loss*


Furthermore, if these solutions were as effective as they say they are, wouldn’t more people be using them?


And most health professionals will agree that rapid weight loss is often more detrimental in the long run and may actually end up causing more weight to be accumulated in the aftermath.


Ultimately, there really is no substitute for physical activity and eating healthily and in moderation. At best, weight loss supplements should be just that. A supplement to regular exercise and a balanced diet.

Although there are examples of diet pills having modest success for certain individuals, the side effects can sometimes be worse than the intended goal. And, because many of these drugs are newer to the market, their long term effects have yet to be discovered. If nothing else, consider the old adage “if it seems too good to be true…”
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