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Regain Motivation To boost your motivation, you need to address both the “you” and the situational elements of the equation. Are you training for something in particular? Do you have short-term or over arching goals? Why do you exercise? Does a coach or a training partner motivate you more than working out alone? Does the weather play a role in motivating you?

Once you understand the “why,” it’s much easier to set yourself up for success, regardless of extrinsic factors life throws at you.

Even the least motivated individual can turn things around, given the right tools. Let’s take a look at a few ways to keep that motivation ember burning when it’s in danger of going out.

Rethink Positive Thinking

Many people see positive thinking as the belief or hope that things will work out in their favor. What many people fail to realize is positive thinking should lead to positive actions, as well.

It’s fine to think positive thoughts and feel confident in yourself but, if you never take actions to promote or elevate the positive thoughts, they often stay just that: thoughts.

The proactive positive thinker understands that thoughts are the first step. What comes next is the actual planning, goal-setting and doing. These transform the positive thoughts and feelings into accomplishments and accomplished goals.

Visions, Goals, & Maps

Even when motivation is prevalent, there can be obstacles blocking your path to success. And, if you don’t have a plan of action, you will quickly use up any motivation you might have, leaving you not much improved from where you started.

You need a map: a plan of action or a list of goals to accomplish AND how you will go about satisfying these checkpoints.

Take your initial positive thoughts, goals and visions for your future and consider the work it will take to achieve your success. Don’t worry about comparing yourself to others. You have no idea of their path and it is different from yours anyway.

Power of Reinforcement

Although it isn’t advised to compare your routines, regiments or plan of action with others, it is absolutely advantageous to keep active and engaged with like-minded individuals.

Positive reinforcement is one of the best motivation tools. Even from early childhood, the power of positive reinforcement can be witnessed. When looking to stay on pace and continue to ride the crest of motivation, having a supporting cast can be invaluable.

Words of encouragement, no matter how small, can be huge for a person’s psyche. Conversely, being a reinforcer can prove just as effective, as we gain a sense of pride about the person you’re supporting. You want to see them succeed and, in turn, you strive for your own successes.

Variety is Everything

So, you have all the pieces in place but, when it comes time to hit the gym, you find yourself still uninspired or apathetic. It may be your surroundings.

Do you feel weighed down or laboring in an industrial-type setting? Are you working out in a glorified basement or rec room? These might seem like relatively minor concerns, but often a person’s surroundings directly affect their output, anywhere from the gym to the office.

Many of us get stuck in a routine. Make sure your training incorporates a variety of exercises so that you don’t plateau. At Tampa Strength, we incorporate a variety of exercises like sandbags, steel maces, steel clubs, kettlebells, and using the stick to improve mobility.

As most of us can attest, finding the time and motivation outside of our family lives and careers is exhausting. Then to create success in a leisure/sports activity can seem almost unattainable, but this doesn’t have to be the case.
Planning and organizing a workout routine is beneficial to your health, and serves as additional training in organizing other aspects of your life. The endorphins and energy you tap into during your workouts will carry over to other areas, creating the motivation to conquer any challenge thrown your way.

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