3 Ways to Correct Flat Shoulder Plane In Your Golf Swing

A common swing fault that occurs during the golf swing is flat shoulder plane. Golfers that have a flat shoulder plane during their golf swing often make compensations on the downswing with the body or hand to square the club face. This can lead to loss of power in the swing and/or inconsistent ball striking. 

One physical issue that can cause flat shoulder plane during the golf swing is poor shoulder mobility. Shoulder mobility movements are a key portion of the Tampa Strength golf fitness program. Every workout we create, for both our in-person or online clients, includes movements that aim to improve the flexibility, mobility, and/or stability of the shoulder joint. The following videos highlight 3 specific movements from our golf fitness program that improve shoulder mobility.

Shoulder Flexion Hovers

Lay face down with your right arm extended overhead and your right wrist next to a yoga block. Place your forehead on the back of your left wrist. Make a fist with your right hand and lift (flex) your right arm to the ceiling and move it to the other side of the yoga block. Return the arm to the other side of the block and repeat the movement for a total of 5 repetitions with each arm. Make sure your nose and toes stay down throughout the movement.

Prone Infinity Hovers

Lay face down with your right hand, palm down, behind your head and your left hand, palm up, on the base of your spine. Moving both arms simultaneously, extend your arms laterally and switch the positions of your hands, left hand behind head, right hand on the base of the spine. Make sure to retract your scapula during the entire movement. Perform 5-10 repetitions.

Wall Blocked Shoulder CARs

Set up side facing near a wall with your left arm pointed behind you and the palm flat on the wall. Stand close enough to the wall till you feel a stretch in your left shoulder and pectoral. Once you feel the stretch, perform a shoulder CAR (controlled articular rotation) with your right arm. Complete 3-5 shoulder CARs with the right arm then switch arms.



These movements will enhance the flexibility, mobility, and/or stability of the shoulder joint, which can minimize your flat shoulder plane and help you hit the ball further & more consistently.

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