4 Dumbbell Exercises That Will Help Golfers Increase Driving Distance

Dumbbells are a go-to piece of exercise equipment that our Tampa personal trainers utilize frequently at our facility. Dumbbells, like other weight training equipment, help our golf fitness clients increase rotational power, core stability, balance, strength, and more. You’d find plenty of dumbbells at our South Tampa studio because they are beneficial to all our clients regardless of fitness level. Individuals in our South Tampa golf fitness program use them often to help lower their handicap and increase driving distance.

Several aspects of our golfers’ fitness that we focus on in our South Tampa golf fitness program are power production, coordination, core control, and rotational strength. There are numerous dumbbell exercises you can do that can improve these fitness components. The following video highlights four specific dumbbell exercises that golfers should do to crush their next drive.

Rotational overhead press

Setup in a square stance with a dumbbell racked to your left shoulder. Rotate quickly to your right, internally rotating over your right hip, and press the dumbbell overhead. Return the dumbbell to the shoulder and rotate back to the starting position. Complete 5-10 repetitions with the dumbbell on both shoulders.

This movement enhances rotational power and upper body strength.

Deep Squat to curl

Setup in a square stance with a dumbbell racked to your left shoulder. Perform a deep squat and place the dumbbell on the ground. Pick up the dumbbell with your right hand while in the deep squat position. Stand up and repeat the movement for 5-10 repetitions.

This movement enhances leg strength, hip mobility, and core control.

Single leg RDL

Setup in a square stance with a dumbbell in your left hand. Perform a single leg hinge with your left leg, pushing the dumbbell to the floor. Hold the hinge position for a few seconds then return to single leg balance with your left foot off the ground. Repeat the sequence 5-10 times on each side.

This movement enhances glute strength, hip mobility, and core control.

Renegade row

Setup in a push-up position with a dumbbell in your left hand. Row the dumbbell to your lat while maintaining the plank position. Repeat the movement 5-10 times with each hand.

This movement enhances core stability and upper body strength.


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These movements enhance upper & lower body strength, core control, and rotational power. Adjust the weight of the dumbbell you use based on your fitness level.

If you’re ready to experience how dumbbells can help you increase your driving distance, stop by our South Tampa personal training studio. Call 813-731-2901 to schedule your complimentary movement assessment and workout.

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