4 Power Exercises that will Increase Your Clubhead Speed

Increasing your driving distance not only impresses your golfing buddies but it can also lower your handicap (source). One fitness aspect that golfers can improve to increase clubhead speed & driving distance is vertical thrust power. Dr. Rose from TPI states that “PGA TOUR players create a tremendous amount of push from the ground during the swing and have a vertical jump test average of 20 inches.” The 300 Yard Drive Blueprint created by Tampa Strength trainers contains numerous exercises designed to improve a golfer’s vertical thrust power & clubhead speed.

The 300 Yard Drive Blueprint is a 6-week program designed to help golfers hit it long every time they step up to the tee. The workouts contained in this program will improve the fitness components a golfer needs to increase clubhead speed which could lead to longer drives & a lower handicap. The following videos highlight 4 specific vertical thrust exercises from The 300 Yard Drive Blueprint that will help you go long off the tee.

Kettlebell Drop Lunges


Set up with feet about hip-width apart. Quickly jump/hop to a split stance, right foot back & left foot forward, and drop into a lunge. Quickly jump/hop back to the square stance and repeat the process with the left foot back & right foot forward. Perform 10 total reps.

Bodyweight high knee to balance


Setup facing a wall with your hands on the wall about shoulder height. Lift your right knee to waist level and step your left leg up & down as quickly as possible. Perform 5-10 reps then switch legs.

Lateral hurdle to quarter turn box jump


Set up a box & hurdle to the right of your right foot. Perform a lateral hurdle and immediately perform a rotational box jump. Step off the box, do not jump. Repeat this process 3 times turning to your right and 3 times turning to your left.

Med Ball Rotational Slam


Set up your feet about hip-width apart and a med ball on the right side of your body. The ball should rest between your knee and hip. Rotating through the floor with your right foot, lift the ball overhead, slamming it outside your left foot. Pick up/catch the ball and rotate through the floor with your left foot, lift the ball overhead, slamming it outside your right foot. Perform 5-10 reps.

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These movements will enhance the vertical thrust you need to swing the club faster, improve your driving distance, and lower your handicap.

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