Champion Basketball Performance

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This circuit is specifically designed for basketball performance.

The first exercises is a rotational MB Slam to Side toss. Make sure to generate power from your hip on the slam and the toss.

Next in the circuit in a medicine ball side lunge to pivot. After going into the side lunge pivot over the leg you did not lunge with. On the opposite side make sure to do a reverse pivot, turn the way your back is facing.

The third exercise is a single leg spring over a speed hurdle. In this specific exercise make sure to say springy on your toes and do your best to jump straight up as you go side to side. If you feel that you do not have the balance to jump back and forth then start with a regressed version making sure to stick every landing and hold for 1-2 seconds repeat back and forth over the hurdle.

Last in the circuit is a swiss ball push-up plank hold. This is for core strength. Make sure to try and keep a neutral spine and keep the swiss ball as steady as possible.

This circuit can be part of a workout or an entire workout unto itself. If you’re going to use it as an entire workout I would suggest 4-5 sets.

If you’re interested in working on performance specifically for basketball performance, or any performance training please email

Rotational MB Slams to Side toss
MB Pivot Side Lunges
Single Leg Spring Hurdle
Swiss Ball Push-up Plank Hold

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