Take Your Squat to Another Level

Man performs squat

Devoting time to a regular exercise routine every week can be challenging. Other responsibilities like family, career and/or education can leave little time for the gym. That’s why workout efficiency is an important part of a long term training program.

One way to help you be more efficient during your workout is utilizing compound exercises. Compound exercises are multi-joint movements that require the use of various muscle groups. Unlike isolation exercises, which put more of an emphasis on a single muscle group, compound exercises can help you complete a total body workout in a shorter amount of time.

One of the Best

When time is a precious commodity, compound exercises can help you get more “bang for your buck” during a workout. One of the best compound exercises that you’re probably already doing is the squat. If you’ve ever performed a squat, you’ve probably felt that it definitely works your thighs, butt and hamstrings, but you may be surprised to know that it also improves back strength, core stability and hip & ankle mobility.

Offset Mace Squat

In addition to working various muscle groups, squats can also be performed a variety of ways. Goblet squats, TRX squats and jump squats are just a few examples of the types of squats we love incorporating into our clients’ workouts at Tampa Strength, but one of our favorite squat variations has to be Stick Mobility squats. A few examples of the squats you can perform using a stick include:

Double Stick Dunphy squat

Man performs squat

Drive two sticks into a fixed position above your head to create full body tension before you begin to squat. Descend into your squat while maintaining constant upward pressure with the sticks, then overcome gravity and the resistance you created as you ascend.

Overhead Stick Squat

Wall Oh Squats

Place a single stick at the base of a wall and press it overhead with both hands. Press the stick into the base of the wall to create muscle tension in your upper body, then perform your squat.

Hang Snatch Stick Squat

Hang Snach Stick Squat

Hold a single stick across you lap with both hands. Descend into your squat and lift the stick above your head. At the bottom of your squat, activate you upper body by pushing or pulling the stick together. As you ascend, return the stick to its starting position.

If you live in the Tampa Bay Area and are interested in trying one of this various Stick squats, you can schedule a free intro workout with one of our trainers. We also have group mobility classes twice a week that feature Stick Mobility. Contact us today to schedule your first visit.

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