PGA Tour Player Kevin Roy Uses This Workout to Add Power to his Golf Swing

When golfers come into our South Tampa studio, they are often looking to add power to their golf swing. This comes as no surprise because in 2019, nearly 80% of the players on the PGA Tour had a ball speed over 170 mph. In order to increase ball speed, Tampa Strength personal trainers design workouts that focus on increasing the force a golfer can generate during their swing AND the speed they can swing the club. This combination of strength and speed exercises add power to the golf swing which is exactly what individuals in our South Tampa golf power program are looking for.

Numerous balance, mobility, resistance, and plyometric exercises can improve a golfer’s strength and speed. One Tampa Strength client who has utilized many of these exercises in our golfers workout program is PGA Tour player Kevin Roy. The following video highlights Kevin performing four specific golf power exercises that can add distance to your next drive.

Bodyweight Single Leg Hinge to Lateral Lunge

Setup in a square stance and lift your left knee to waist level while balancing on your right foot. Perform a single leg hinge on your right leg, extending your left leg behind you till it’s parallel to the floor. Return to single leg balance on your right leg then perform a lateral lunge with your left leg. Drive back to single leg balance on your right leg. Perform 5 reps on each side.

Dumbbell Split Squat

Setup in a split stance while holding dumbbells by your side. Perform a split squat by dropping your back knee towards the floor then driving back to the starting position. The movement should resemble an elevator not an escalator. Choose a weight that allows you to perform 5-8 reps per side safely and without pain.

Step Up to Overhead Press with Sandbag

Place your left foot on a box, right foot on the ground, and sandbag on the right shoulder. Drive the right foot to balance and press the sandbag overhead. Return the sandbag to the shoulder and return the foot to the ground. Perform 5-10 reps on each side. Movement can also be performed with kettlebell or medicine ball.

Skater Jump to Medicine Ball Throw

Setup perpendicular to a wall holding a medicine ball at chest level. Perform a skater jump towards the wall and away from the wall. Upon landing the second skater jump, throw the medicine ball as hard as you can into the wall. Repeat the sequence for 10 reps facing each direction.



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These movements will enhance the strength and speed you need to lower your handicap, swing the club faster, and improve your golf power.

If you’re ready to increase the power you have on the course call 813-731-2901 to learn about all the golf fitness training opportunities we have to offer.You can also check out the golf fitness programs on the Tampa Strength App or the Tampa Strength Online Training Portal.