These Stick Mobility Movements Will Improve Your Golf Game

Stick Mobility is a training modality our Tampa personal trainers utilize frequently at our facility. Our clients frequently comment about how stick movements improve their range of motion, total body strength, posture, stability, and neuromuscular control. These movements are frequently incorporated into our golf fitness client’s program at our South Tampa studio because their benefits can allow them to play better on the course.

Several aspects of our golfers’ fitness that we focus on in our South Tampa golf fitness program are joint mobility, flexibility, core control, and leg strength. There are numerous Stick Mobility exercises you can do that can improve these fitness components. The following videos describe four specific Stick Mobility exercises that golfers should to do to improve their game.

Airplane Single Leg Hinge

Place two 6 ft sticks vertically into the ground a little wider than shoulder width apart. Flex one knee to waist level then perform a single leg hinge.  When you reach the end range of your single leg hinge, slowly rotate your pelvis internally and externally. As you rotate, keep the foot & knee of the leg off the ground in line with you head. Perform 5-10 reps on each leg.

This movement enhances posterior chain flexibility and hip hinge pattern..

Slap Shot with Lateral Lunge

Place a 6 or 7 ft stick on your lower back parallel to the floor. Stand with feet wider than shoulder width apart, bend knees slightly, hinge forward. Using your thoracic spine, rotate the stick till you’re able to place the end of the stick in your right hand anywhere in between your feet. Push the stick into the ground, lateral lunge to the right. Hold for 5-10 seconds then return to your starting position and repeat on the other side.

This movement enhances thoracic spine mobility and adductor flexibility.

Rip/Crush Row from Staggered Hinge

Grab a 4 ft stick and perform a hip hinge with the right foot staggered back. Row the stick towards your chest while ripping it apart. Crush the stick together as you push it back to its starting position. Maintain stable staggered hinge position as you perform the row. Perform 5-10 reps and repeat the movement with the left foot staggered back.

This movement enhances hinge pattern, core control, and scapular stability.

Bulgarian Squats

Place a 6 ft stick vertically into the ground next to your left foot then place your left foot on a box/bench behind you. Keeping your right foot flat on the ground, perform a single leg squat while your left foot is suspended off the ground. Use the stick for assistance. Perform 5-10 reps and repeat the movement with the other leg.

This movement enhances squat pattern, multi joint mobility, and glute strength (TPI calls glutes the “king of the swing”)..

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If you’re ready to experience how the Stick Mobility can improve your golf game, stop by our South Tampa personal training studio. Call 813-731-2901 to schedule your complimentary movement assessment and workout.