This Kettlebell Workout Will Help You Crush Your Drive

Kettlebells are training tools our Tampa personal trainers utilize frequently at our facility. Kettlebells can help users increase power output, core stability, grip strength, and more. You’d find a ton of kettlebells at our South Tampa studio because they can be beneficial to all our clients regardless of fitness level. Individuals in our South Tampa golf fitness program use them often to help improve their performance on the course.

Several aspects of our golfers’ fitness that we focus on in our South Tampa golf fitness program are power production, grip strength, core control, and unilateral training. There are numerous kettlebell exercises you can do that can improve these fitness components. The following videos describe four specific Kettlebell exercises that golfers should do to improve their game.

Kettlebell Split Stance Row

Setup in a split stance with the back leg extended. Grab a kettlebell on the same side the leg is split back and perform a low row. Make sure the opposite arm/shoulder do not rotate while performing the rows. Perform 5-10 reps with each arm. Brace core during the entire movement.

This movement enhances upper body strength, core stability, and hinge pattern.

Kettlebell Rack/Suitcase Hold Split Squat

Rack one kettlebell to the shoulder and hold another next to your hip. Setup in the split stance with the side holding the kettlebell in the racked position split back. Perform 5-10 reps split squats then switch the positions of the kettlebells and repeat with the opposite leg forward. Maintain proper structure (shoulder, hip, knee of split back side in alignment) throughout movement.

This movement enhances ankle, knee & hip mobility, core stability, and lower body strength.

Kettlebell Push Up

Place each hand on the handle of a heavy kettlebell and perform a push-up (the handle of the kettlebells should be slightly wider than shoulder width). Perform 10-15 total push-ups.

This movement enhances upper body strength, core stability, and grip strength

Kettlebell 2 Arm Swing


Place both hands on the handle of a kettlebell and perform a hinge, placing the kettlebell on the ground . Forcefully pull the kettlebell off the floor, in between your legs, then stand up quickly so the kettlebell swings out in front of your sternum. Hinging at the waist, pull the kettlebell between your legs until your head and chest are facing the ground, then once again stand up forcefully to swing the kettlebell back in front of your body. Perform 10-15 reps. Make sure to keep your feet rooted to floor and don’t overextend your lower back.

This movement enhances power production, core stability, and glute strength (TPI calls glutes the “king of the swing”).

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If you’re ready to experience how the kettlebells can improve your golf game, stop by our South Tampa personal training studio. Call 813-731-2901 to schedule your complimentary movement assessment and workout.