Use These 4 Warm-up Movements to Increase Driving Distance

Most golfers want to hit the ball further and increasing club head speed is a great way to accomplish that. The Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) states that applying force over a longer period of time can increase club head speed. Increasing the range of motion and mobility of your joints is a great way to increase the time you’re applying force during your golf swing. The Ultimate Golf Warm-up 1.o created by the Tampa Strength trainers at our South Tampa studio contains sixty movements that will help increase your range of motion & mobility and hopefully increase your driving distance.

The Ultimate Golf Warm-up will provide you with four routines containing stretching, mobility, and dynamic warm-up movements that will help you before, during, and after your next round of golf. The following videos highlight four specific movements from the Ultimate Golf Warm-up 1.o that will help golfers crush their next tee shot.

Pelvic Circles


Setup with feet about hip with a part. Doing your best to move only your pelvis, rotate your pelvis in a circular motion. Minimize shoulder turning and/or leg straightening during the movement. Perform 5-10 rotations each direction while holding the end range of each movement for approximately 5 seconds.

This movement enhances hip mobility and lower back flexibility.

Quadruped Open Book Stretch


Set up in the quad ped (hands & knees) position on the ground and push your butt towards your heels. Keeping your left arm on the ground, place your right hand behind your head and rotate the right elbow towards the ceiling. Rotate the right elbow back towards the mat and repeat for the desired number of reps then repeat the process with the other arm.

This movement enhances thoracic spine mobility and upper body flexibility.

Sweep the Floor Dynamic Hamstring


Setup in a square stance (feet under hips) and step your left leg forward with the toes pulled toward the ceiling. Keeping your right knee bent, perform a hip hinge, bend over, and sweep the floor with your hands. Stand back up and walk the right leg forward keeping the toes pulled toward the ceiling and perform another floor sweep. Repeat movement for 5-10 reps.

This movement enhances hip mobility and posterior chain flexibility.

Dynamic Step Out Series


Setup in a tall kneeling position holding a golf club with both hands directly overhead. Step up your right leg while simultaneously rotating the club overhead to the right side of your body. Dynamically step your left leg up to balance while rotating the club overhead to the left side of your body. Step the left leg back to its starting position while rotating the club back to the right side of your body and return to tall kneeling with the club directly overhead. Repeat movement for desired number of reps then switch which leg you begin the series.

This movement enhances thoracic spine mobility, leg strength, and disassociation.

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These movements will enhance the flexibility and mobility you need to lower your handicap, swing the club faster, and drive the ball further.

If you’re ready to experience the Ultimate Golf Warm-up 1.o, download it on the Tampa Strength App or the Tampa Strength Online Training Portal. Call 813-731-2901 to learn about all the golf fitness training opportunities we have to offer.