Is Weight Training Bad for Your Golf Game?

Is Weight Training Bad for Your Golf Game? For decades, golfers avoided the gym, convinced that weight and resistance training would bulk them up too much, leaving them with tight muscles and reduced flexibility.  

Sure, weight training could help improve their strength, but at what cost to their golf swing?  But times have changed and we’re armed with the new knowledge that this couldn’t be farther from the truth.  In fact, evidence shows that, when properly executed, a trip to the gym can actually improve your golf game.  

Some call it the “Tiger effect” in honor of the days when Tiger Woods was big enough to play linebacker for the Buccaneers and won 25 PGA Tour events and 6 majors.  He was at the height of his career and his physique was at its best.  

Or what about Jason Zuback “Golfzilla,” 5 time long drive champion and avid weight lifter?  With over 15,000 hours in the gym, he realized the value of a well-rounded and complete training regimen at age 17, when he was taught correct technique, and never looked back.  

No, ripped biceps and 6-pack abs aren’t going to guarantee a better golf game.  In fact, when not carried out with a purpose, they could lead to poor ball striking and muscular imbalance.  

So, what do both of these men have in common? They recognize that having a powerful golf game isn’t simply defined by how hard or how far you can hit the ball.  

It’s about training with resolve and efficiency.  It’s about maintaining a well-rounded training regimen that emphasizes full body strength, mobility, and health.

Is Weight Training Bad for Your Golf Game

Strength  x Speed =Power

Every golfer is in search of more yards, which in turn is more power in their golf swing. The very definition of power is strength times speed.

You have to have a certain level of strength to obtain power. You do not have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger, but you do need to have some level of strength.

There are an infinite number of ways to add strength in the weight room. Some of the ways that we do that in our South Tampa personal training studio, aside from various squats (heavy weight is not needed) and deadlifts that all golfers should use, are by using various medicine ball throws and the SuperSpeedGolf system.

The advantage of using various medicine ball throws is it develops strength while using speed to slam and throw the ball. In addition to our power/strength programs, all golfers or athletes undergo a comprehensive mobility program.

By incorporating mobility into your strength training program you have a comprehensive program that will be free of muscle imbalances that will hinder your swing. It also allows the golfer to obtain the various positions necessary to squat and deadlift properly.

An added benefit, and a major benefit of this type of work, is they will also be able to get in whatever position their swing coach needs them to be in, reducing limitations from their body while being stronger thus adding more yards to their game.

While the media critiques golfers more than any other athlete over time spent in the gym, there is no denying that more strength equals more power.

Developing a Program

At Tampa Strength, we recognize that to improve your golf game it’s important to maintain balance and symmetry.  Our golfers undergo a thorough  Titleist Performance Institute  assessment, where both their strengths and physical limitations are analyzed.  

Then, we design an individualized training strategy customized to focus on building a well-balanced body that supports our clients golf goals.   

To sign up for your assessment and discuss designing a comprehensive workout program tailored to improving your golf game, contact a Tampa Strength coach today at (813) 731-2901 or email  

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