The secret training method that can improve your golf game

In the competitive world of professional golf, new training methods are constantly introduced and adapted. Some can be rightly branded as the du jour programs of the month; flashy, but with little substance or long term value or merit.

But, as of late, there have also been some remarkable breakthroughs in performance training Due in part to advanced technology, which allowed us to study the natural movement patterns of the human body, determine how certain training techniques maximize results.

One, dubbed opposite side training,training looks to work your left and right sides equally. This training system is linked to a sports training school of thought known as “The Big Break Theory” in which the symmetry of the athlete becomes the big break they need to take their game to the next level.

The secret training method that can improve your golf game

Why Both Sides?

When considering opposite side training, it is important to understand the methodology behind working both sides of your body equally. Opposite side training focuses on the accelerators and the decelerators in your movement pattern for your specific sport.

When partaking in opposite side training, the most important thing is to build speed in the opposite direction. For example, a right-handed golfer would train for speed with left-handed.

By working to strengthen the accelerators as well as the decelerators, athletes can exert maximum power, yet still maintain complete control throughout the swing process.

The opposite side training system naturally works these muscle groups in a symmetrical manner by helping golfers develop an equally powerful ambidextrous swing pattern.

For golfers, this symmetrical training system yields longer drives, less injuries, and more complete golf athletes.

Incorporated Programs

At Tampa Strength, we endorse and use the Superspeed training system for improving golfers of all levels. At the core of this system’s development are the fundamental ideals of opposite side training in which your swing pattern is developed equally on the left and right side of the ball.

As mentioned in our previous blog, the Superspeed golf training system is an effective tool for golfers looking for more power, speed, and length of drives.

Combined with medicine ball throw and jump training, which also works both sides of the body, we are consistently developing better golfers, in terms of power, flexibility, mobility and overall athleticism.
The Tampa Strength trainers have the knowledge and experience to customize a training plan targeted to your body’s specific strengths and weaknesses. Contact us today to see where your game can really go.

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