Golf Training Systems TRX Workout

You don’t need a barbell, stacked with plates to improve your fitness. TRX training is an innovative form of exercise that uses suspension bands to build strength, balance, flexibility and stability. Increasing these aspects of your fitness will help you feel better. They will also increase how well you swing a golf club.

The TRX workout below is taken from Tampa Strength’s online golf training program. The workout below contains five exercises that require only your bodyweight & gravity to improve your performance on & off the links. The exercises are:

Single Arm Overhead Squat

Setup with feet approximately shoulder width apart & slide your hand into the outer loop of the TRX handle – raise the hand in the TRX handle over your head – perform a squat with your arm extended overhead (make sure to keep constant tension on the TRX band) – return to starting position with arm in overhead position and repeat

Single Leg Deadlift

Setup with feet hip width apart & your hands resting on the plastic handles – push your hands forward while you raise one leg behind until your chest is pointed towards the ground (do not lock out your knee) – return to starting position and repeat

Staggered T

Setup with your feet in a staggered stance & arms opened into a T position (keep tension on the bands) – lower yourself backwards by closing your hands towards each other – return to starting position by opening arms to T position and repeat

Alternating Cossack Lunge

Setup with feet hip width apart & your hands gripping the plastic handles at chest height – perform a lateral lunge to your right side- while in the bottom of your lateral lunge position rotate the toes on the left leg towards the ceiling – rotate toes back down and return to starting position and repeat


Setup in a hanging plank position with your feet in the outer loop of the TRX handles – keeping your core enganged, elevate your tailbone towards the ceiling – return to starting position and repeat

Workout Format

We recommend performing 5 reps of each exercise for 5 sets with a 90 second rest in between sets. Make sure you alternate legs/arms between sets when necessary.

If you’re a golfer that lives in the Tampa Bay Area, contact us to setup a TPI movement screening. If you don’t live in the Tampa Bay Area, head to to learn about our online golf training program.

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