The Need for Performance Training in Golf

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As with most modern sports, golf is an extremely lucrative and competitive game. Professional golfers and their amateur counterparts often spend countless hours at the driving range, perfecting numerous aspects of their swing mechanics and becoming naturally comfortable in their approach to hitting the ball. Although this has always been at the foundation of a […]

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Golf Performance Workout

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This golf specific workout consists of 7 exercises that are sure to enhance your athletic ability and make you a better golfer.  First is the X Band walk to Pull apart.  The X Band walk trains the glutes which are essential to the golf swing.  The Titleist Performance Institute states that the glutes are the […]

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Athletic Power

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Train for power with this new workout in our sports performance series.  This workout blends strength with explosive power and finishes with some conditioning so you can dominate your opponents.  First is the explosive alternating med ball push up.  Be sure to keep your core strong and explosively push off the med ball trying to […]

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