Crush your Competition: Basketball Performance Workout

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This circuit is designed for basketball performance but could be used for other athletes as well. First is a MB Slam into a burpee. Make sure to generate most of your power from your hips on the slam. Next is a plank to push-up to t-hold. The key for this exercise is trying to keep your hips and shoulders in line during the plank and push-up. Try to fight your body rotating and your transition between the plank and push-up. On the t-hold try to get your shoulders pointing as the ground and the ceiling. Next is a medicine ball defensive slide to a wall pass. Slide 3-5 step and then pass with the hand of the direction you just slide towards. For example, if you slide to your left you would pass the medicine ball with your left hand and keep your left foot forward while dropping your right foot back. Lastly in this circuit is a mountain climber into a pike with sliders. Do your best to keep you spine neutral and not let your butt hike up on the mountain climbers. Theses exercises can be complete for time or for reps. If you’re interested in working on performance specifically for basketball performance, or any performance training please email me at

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