Explosive Basketball Workout

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This explosive basketball workout consists of four exercises that are specific to basketball performance but those with other motives could receive benefit from this routine as well.

The first exercise is a Dynamax Ball Speed Skater into Single Leg Jump. The exercise can help with your single leg power and balance.

The next exercise is a transverse side shuffle. This exercise works on dynamic core stability, lateral movement, and rotational power.

The third exercise is an repetitive drop jump while holding a medicine ball overhead. While performing this exercise make sure to stay “springy” and flick your ankles during each jump.

The fourth exercise in this routine is a walking rotational lunge while holding two kettlebells overhead. The walking lunges work on single leg strength and balance. Holding the kettlebells overhead adds another element of core stability. Rotating adds even more dynamic stability and balance work.

Lastly in this routine is a side shuffle with a dynamax ball into a wall pass. This exercise is works on lateral movement along with power that useful in the context of basketball performance.

Give this routine a try, use it in a circuit fashion and complete 3-5 times depending on your conditioning level.

If you’re interested in learning more about exercises that will help your on-court performance please contact us at John@tampastrength.com. Enjoy!

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