Get Distance with the SuperSpeed Program Now at Tampa Strength

Get distance with the SuperSpeed program now at Tampa Strength. As a golfer and golf fitness instructor, I constantly research new methods of golf swing improvement. Like most trainers, I want to give my clients the best tools and methods to improve their game.

My latest discovery is the Titleist Performance Institute endorsed SuperSpeed Golf training system. It is also used at AMPD Golf Fitness, where Jordan Spieth trains, as well as by many other professional golf training facilities.

Get Distance with the SuperSpeed Program Now at Tampa Strength

Background of SuperSpeed Golf

Designed by golf instructors Mike Napoleon and Kyle Shay, both with Catalyst Golf Performance, the system incorporates the practice of OverSpeed training.

This type of training system is designed to push golfers to swing faster and harder, increasing club speed and overall distance.

But this system is much more than swinging faster and harder. There is definitive science behind their methods – the science of body movement, including flexibility, strength, and power.

The Equipment and Techniques

Consisting of three gradually weighted “clubs” and a dominant/non-dominant swing system, clients can work up to faster and more powerful swings, both on their right and left sides.

Golfers can increase their speed by 5-10% within a few weeks of using the system.

Two of the practice clubs are lighter than usual, training the body to move faster than it thinks it can. As the training proceeds, the golfers are given a club 5% heavier than their normal driver, thus adding a strength component to the system.

With the gradual nature of the program, swing speeds can continue to increase, depending on the frequency of the workout routine.

Professional Feedback

As mentioned earlier, the Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) and golf professionals endorse this system.

In the case of the SuperSpeed system, more and more professional and Pro/Am golfers are touting the benefits, such as the low learning curve and ease of equipment use, not to mention the increased drive lengths and overall club head speed.

Although this system appears to be geared for the accomplished golfer, make no mistake, it will also help set a strong foundation for all levels of players.
For more information on the SuperSpeed system and to discuss designing a comprehensive workout program to improve your golf game, contact your TPI certified coach today

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