Golf Training Systems Kettlebell Workout

Shawn Balow using Kettlebell

Everyone has heard of kettlebells at this point. While they can be used for standard exercises (like presses, squats, lunges, etc.), the shape and unique weight distribution of the kettlebell makes them ideal for ballistic training. Ballistic training involves powerful, explosive movements to move the weight from one point to another. This motion requires full body strength, power, and coordination to start and end each exercise. That’s why it’s the perfect tool to use if you’re looking to improve your golf game.

The kettlebell workout below is taken from Tampa Strength’s online golf training program. Its contains four exercises that can give you the strength you need to play better golf & live a healthier life. The exercises are:

Suitcase Deadlift

Setup with feet approximately shoulder width apart & holding the kettlebell in one hand – hinge forward at the hips – use your core to maintain balance – stand up and repeat

Goblet Squat Hold

Stand with feet shoulder width & handle of kettlebell below your chin – holding kettlebell tight to your chest, perform a squat – hold the bottom squat position for approximately 5 seconds – stand up and repeat

Rotational Press

Stand with feet shoulder width apart – rack kettlebell to your shoulder – rotate your chest to the side & press the kettlebell overhead – return to starting position and repeat

Rack Walk

Stand with feet shoulder width apart – rack kettlebell to your shoulder – walk approximately 10 feet with the kettlebell held tightly to your shoulder.

Workout Format

We recommend performing 10 reps of each exercise for 4 sets. Rest for 90 seconds between sets. Make sure you alternate legs/arms between sets when necessary. Choose a kettlebell that matches your current fitness level.

If you’re a golfer that lives in the Tampa Bay Area, contact us to setup a TPI movement screening. If you don’t live in the Tampa Bay Area, head to to learn about our online golf training program.


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