Golf Performance Workout

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This golf specific workout consists of 7 exercises that are sure to enhance your athletic ability and make you a better golfer.  First is the X Band walk to Pull apart.  The X Band walk trains the glutes which are essential to the golf swing.  The Titleist Performance Institute states that the glutes are the king of the golf swing and without them it is virtually impossible to have a consistent swing.  The band pull apart works the upper back which will assist you in maintaining posture through out your swing.  Band dislocations develop shoulder mobility while rotational squat jump gives you the power that all golfers desire.  Single leg heel touch is our progression to the pistol squat.  This exercise is tough and will work your balance as well as your entire leg musculature specifically the glutes.  The last two exercises utilize the steel mace.  The steel mace is one of our favorite tools that we use at Tampa Strength.  The sphere provides an offset weight which will challenge the core with any exercise you use.  The two shown in this video are the hinge to row which assists in the allowing the golfer to maintain posture through out their swing and the front loaded squat to side press an outstanding exercise that works on total body strength.  Enjoy the workout and if you have any questions contact us at or 813 731 2901.

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