3 hip exercises for a more powerful and consistent golf swing

If you have tight hips you are missing crucial motion for your golf swing. Without proper mobility and stability to rotate your hips, your swing is limited of power. If you have proper hip mobility you can internally and externally rotate your hips 45 degrees. Based on my experience, there are very few adult males over forty who can do this. Yet there are millions of 40+ golfer across the world. Problem? I think so. Without proper hip mobility a golfer is more likely to suffer from swing faults such as:

  • Loss of Posture
  • Early Extension
  • Sway & slide
  • Reverse spine angle
  • Over the top
  • Hanging back
  • Casting
  • Scooping

If you are reading this and all of the faults above sound like your golf swing, then you most likely have improper hip function. A certified TPI instructor measures hip internal and external rotation using the Lower quarter Rotation Test. This screen measures a golfer’s ability to rotate each hip on their down and back swing. If you think that you have tight hips, contacting a TPI Certified professional and getting screened is recommended. Hip mobility should be a LARGE priority in your training program for both power and longevity. Here are a few exercises that help to increase hip mobility.


Gaining mobility in your hips helps to add distance and consistency to your swing. That said, being able to move properly gives you the potential for power. It is still up to you as the athlete to put in the necessary time to improve your ball striking.

If you have any questions or are interested in a TPI Screen by a certified TPI trainer to see how physically prepared you are for the demands of the course please email john@tampastrength.com or check out TampaStrength.com for more information.

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