Athletic Power

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Train for power with this new workout in our sports performance series.  This workout blends strength with explosive power and finishes with some conditioning so you can dominate your opponents.  First is the explosive alternating med ball push up.  Be sure to keep your core strong and explosively push off the med ball trying to get some air in between reps.  The Swiss bar bench is a unique version of the bench press.  The design of the bar forces you to use your stabilizer muscles more, thus making it a nice alternative to the regular bench press.  The prone kettlebell row is a staple here at Tampa Strength.  Hold the kettlebells for 15 seconds then rep as many as you can.  The backward sled drag will actively recruit the posterior chain musculature, which is imperative in order to be able to spring and jump properly.  The last exercise in the workout is  a  forward/backward farmers walk.  The farmers walk provide a conditioning component to the workout while at the same time working on strength.   Enjoy the workout and feel free to contact us with any questions.


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