The Need for Performance Training in Golf

As with most modern sports, golf is an extremely lucrative and competitive game. Professional golfers and their amateur counterparts often spend countless hours at the driving range, perfecting numerous aspects of their swing mechanics and becoming naturally comfortable in their approach to hitting the ball.

Golfers are looking to physically well rounded

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Although this has always been at the foundation of a good golf game, simply working on swing mechanics is no longer the only aspect of practice time. More and more golfers are now adding fitness, or better said, performance training to their practice regimen.

Golfers are thinking about performance training in much the same way athletes of more traditionally physically demanding sports are. Strength, power, and mobility are becoming part of the formula for achieving the competitive edge many desire.

Golfers are Athletes, Too

Often, the image of a golfer is middle-aged, a little pudgy and donned on plaid. Although athleticism has always been a plus, it was not always necessary to be in great physical shape to be able to compete.

This was a sport more interested in finesse and composure, as much as power and mobility. But, as the interest in the game has grown, and the semi-pro and professional fields have become denser, it has become necessary for golfers to become more physically fit.

Golf has also grown in popularity amongst younger players, many of which are coming out of college and entering the professional circuit right away, to moderate to great success. Consider Jordan Speith, Dustin Johnson, Ricky Fowler or Rory McIlroy; all successful young pros who were successful amateurs and/or college players; and are all great physical specimens.

These athletes are now focusing on how to make the most of their physical abilities. Through a properly designed performance program, these and other golfers are learning how to swing properly with no restrictions or limitations. And, once they are able to rely on proper movement, they can then focus on strength and power training.

Golfers are looking to become as physically well-rounded as possible. Not only are they stronger and longer off the tee, but they are helping to reduce the instances of injury and potential down time.

Take Your Best Swing

At Tampa Strength, we look to train our golfers in much the same way, with an initial focus on proper form and movement, then added power and athleticism. Each player is given a full-body movement screening by a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) certified trainer, the screen is a TPI screen which will compare results to those on the PGA tour. The screen tests flexibility, balance, stability, and coordination; all critical components to getting the most out of your golf game.

Interested in a TPI certified screening? Email to set up an appointment and start getting the most out of your game.

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