5 Reasons Your Independent Golf Regimen Isn’t Working

Whether you’re a professional golfer or just out for some weekend fun, your overall goal is to consistently improve. Most golfers are now aware of the benefits of integrating a fitness program into their training program.

Accordingly, many have worked out their own training regimen, rather than working with a qualified professional. While this may sound good in theory, it doesn’t yield the same results.    

The Internet offers us a wealth of information, causing many of us to believe all the answers are readily available, regardless of experience or training. Unfortunately, this often isn’t the case.  For as much correct information you find on any given subject, there’s twice as much misinformation.  

Golfers are combining self analysis with information they’ve picked up online to build their own personal fitness programs. The reality is, this method just doesn’t work. And it isn’t always misinformation but, more often, a lack of complete information.  

Strengths and weaknesses are often misread, since you’re analyzing yourself and, in turn, overarching goals aren’t met.  Without considering these components, your program could not only be unproductive, it could even prove detrimental.  

Here’s our perspective on why these self-directed programs fail to deliver their intended outcome.  

5 Reasons Your Independent Golf Regimen is not working

Fails to Consider Your Strengths & Weaknesses

Unfortunately, without understanding an individual’s strengths and weaknesses, a golf fitness program is doomed from the start.  

Before you ever get started with us, you’ll go through a Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) screening to assess your body’s unique needs.  I’ll identify any stability, balance, and fine motor skills that might be negatively affecting your golf game .  

While your end training goal is strength and power, certain measures should be taken to initially correct those imbalances or you’ll only compound the potential problems, which leads me to my next point.

Rushing Into Strength Training

Those who map out their own fitness strategy typically focus more on how much weight they’re able to lift and move, rather than how well they’re able to move the weight.  

They focus on high threshold movement, which is centered around explosive movement. Low threshold exercises lay the foundation for high threshold golf activities such as striking a golf ball.  

A good training regimen will build a program around your long-term goals, which means training in layers, based on your body’s individual needs.

Training Through Isolation

How many times have you heard someone complain about “leg day”?

While isolating body parts might work for professional body builders, this is not the proper strategy for golfers looking to improve their game. The goal is to have all your muscles working as partners and the only way to accomplish this is to train them to work together.  

Forgetting to Train in All 3 Planes of Motion

Your body is divided into three planes of motion: Sagittal (front to back), Frontal (side to side), and Transverse (rotation).  Most people learned to train in the Sagittal region through exercise such as lunges, squats, and pushups.  

While golf is a rotational sport, there is movement in all three planes throughout every phase of your swing. Therefore, it’s important to train that way.   

A golf-specific training program should incorporate all three planes of motion individually and in combination for every training session.  

Improper Stretching

We all know the value of a good stretch.  If you’re feeling tightness in an area or experiencing loss of mobility, stretching is the answer, right? Wrong.  

In some cases, tightness is a joint mobility issue or even a stability issue.  If you try to combat a problem with the wrong solution, you run the risk of hurting yourself to a much greater degree. 

Your golf trainer is there to identify the nuances of the problems you’re facing in your game and design a program specific to those findings.  

If your goal is to boost your golf game, it’s important to have a professional trainer guiding you.  Their knowledge in sports biomechanics will offer the support needed for a well-rounded golf strategy.  

Email or call Shawn Balow at Tampa Strength today, and allow me to design a golf fitness regimen that will yield the results you’re looking for.  


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