Cardio & Strength Building Battle Ropes Workout

Man on battle rope training

Battle ropes are becoming more popular in gyms across the country thanks to the comprehensive health benefits they provide. First, they’re an effective tool for improving cardiorespiratory fitness. In fact, a 2015 study states that just 10 minutes of vigorous battle ropes training meets previously established thresholds for improving cardio fitness.

In addition to their metabolic training, battle ropes also provide a dynamic resistance workout. Training with battle ropes can improve strength, stability and mobility in often neglected areas (e.g. grip, hips, ankles, etc.). They are also relatively safe and exercise technique can be demonstrated in no time. Try out the battle ropes exercises below and see how this training modality can improve every aspect of your fitness. The exercises are:


Grab the rope & setup with hands together off your right hip – keeping your hands together, draw a rainbow with your hands & rotate the rope to your left hip – return to starting position and repeat

Alternating Waves with Squat

Grab the rope & begin making alternating waves – once you have your rhythm begin performing body weight squats – repeat these two movements till the end of the interval

Outward circles

Grab the rope & setup with hands approximately hip width apart – rotate your hands & ropes outward in a circular motion – repeat this motion till the end of the interval


Grab the rope & setup with hands together at waist level – keeping your hands together, lift the rope above your head – quickly & forcefully pull the ropes down towards the ground – repeat this movement till the end of the interval

Workout Format

We recommend performing 20 seconds of each exercise for 5 sets. Rest for 90 seconds between sets. Modify the intervals to match your current fitness level.

If your gym doesn’t have battle ropes, you can always come to Tampa Strength. We have several ropes and our trainers will put you through a challenging workout like the one below. Contact us to schedule a workout (813) 731-2901. Follow Tampa Strength on social media (YouTube, Instagram and Facebook) for more helpful fitness content.

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